Top 5 Best Italian Coffee Brands in The World


Do you know what is the Best Italian Coffee Brands? If you do not have the answer yet, then this article is undoubtedly written for you!

Here are the list of 5 most famous Italian Coffee brands in the world.

Image Brand Price
LAVAZZA Lavazza  Check Price
illy cafe Illy  Check Price
Segafredo s Segafredo Check Price
Caffe Vergnano Caffe Vergnano Check Price
Caffe Kimbo Kimbo Check Price

1. Lavazza 


Lavazza coffee is a mixture of Robusta from Africa and Arabica from Brazil; therefore, you can say this coffee contains mostly South American and African origins, but these beans’ processing occurs in northern Italy.

This mixture contains a deep and big flavor, and it is characterized by a golden cream and a warm color.

The fragrance is like chocolate and dried fruit. The smooth and peaty taste comes from the medium roast. Lavazza blend has strict quality standards, and the coffee beans are carefully selected and processed.

The ideal grinding is planned to always result in an perfect espresso. Its characteristic flavor makes it a traditional Italian coffee.

2. Illy 

illy cafe

Illy is one of the Best Italian Coffee Brands that is famous throughout the world. One specifically notable characteristic of this product is that coffee beans are sourced via direct trade. You may know the concept of Fair Trade – coffee that is stamped with approval by a regulatory body, signifying mutually useful trade relations.

Direct trade streamlines the supply chain. It means that Illy works directly with coffee farmers on a large scale. 

This company’s blend doesn’t pack in too many complex flavors, but it stands reliably strong with unique and classic coffee tastes. In terms of taste, it has a strong chocolate flavor and a slight smokiness.

Additionally, unlike plenty of other coffee brands, Illy utilizes 100 % high-quality Arabica beans. This brand of coffee is slightly expensive than other coffee brands.

3. Segafredo


Segafredo (also called Segafredo Zanetti) has a turnover of over 1,4 billion Euros, making it the most popular Italian coffee brand. The company was established by Massimo Zanetti and has observed significant expansion in the last 15 years.

Some activities utilize Segafredo items everywhere globally, which helped strengthen the brand that is now available in more than 100 countries.

Segafredo coffee is characterized by fruity notes having nuances that change from soft to soft-sweet. Its taste is never harsh or bitter.

Coffee beans utilized by Segafredo come primarily from three countries: Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica. The company owns a processing plant in Brazil. In this plant, coffee beans are processed, roasted and packed before they are shipped around the world.

4. Caffe Vergnano 

Caffe Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano is also a reputed coffee brand known for its best coffee products. The roasting is the most important moment of the coffee working procedure as the beans’ taste concentration and flavor relies on the exact level of roasting.

Caffè Vergnano carries out this delicate stage following traditional techniques. Unlike most modern coffee makers who work with the “turbo” industrial technique or with 5 to 6 mins cycles at high temperatures, Caffè Vergnano has used a “slow” roasting system, with cycles that last between 18-22 mins.

In every new cycle, every individual lot’s roasting is personally checked to guarantee the product retains a consistent perfect quality.

The coffee from this brand is soft and delicately aromatic, with the sweet taste of Central American Arabica and the Asiatic Robusta’s chocolate aroma. The balance between the aroma and consistency is ideal for delicate, aromatic, and light.

5. Kimbo

Caffe Kimbo

Kimbo presents one of Italy’s most famous coffee brands that express the Neapolitan tradition of espresso coffee. It was established in 1963. Beginning from Naples, that has always been renowned as the world capital of espresso, and then forming itself in Italy and the rest of the world because of the authenticity and quality.

They brought Italian coffee to the world and underlining the values of Naples’ espresso’s particular characteristics are two points of the company’s basic mission. The products are distributed in Italy’s domestic markets and abroad.

For coffee lovers who like their Kimbo espresso coffee even in an office environment, the company offers an extensive range of capsule blends created particularly for automatic vending, besides OCS and Multi Drink Systems machines.

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