Top 5 Morning Teas That You Must Try



Drinking your bed tea, first place in the morning is a typical habit of most of the households. Many of us are obsessive tea drinkers and love to start our routine life with morning teas. A piping hot cup makes a fantastic beverage to enjoy with family members, friends, and even office colleagues. We serve it as a welcoming drink to our guests. It accompanies us when we don’t like the crowd and want to be left with our inner selves or thoughts.

Benefits of Drinking Tea in the Morning

Morning teas provide valuable health benefits that we cannot ignore, like antioxidants or catechins that can boost your metabolism or immune system. Drinking tea in the morning also enhance the mood and help our brain work more effectively (Healthline).

So, it is an impressive idea to kick start the morning with a hot cup of tea. Here is the list of top five morning teas that you must try.

1. Earl Grey Tea with Milk – Perfect Replacement for Coffee

Named after the British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey, Earl Grey Tea is one of the most beneficial morning teas. It is a perfect alternative to coffee with several reasons;

A cup of Earl Grey tea with milk is an ideal energy booster without any harm or side effects. It involves caffeine in a safe amount that can perk you up and keep you a recent or active whole day.

The side effect of coffee is coffee jitters, but as you consume this tea, you will get enough energy that is necessary to keep up the daily work.

A cup of this tea keeps you hydrated, while coffee has to dehydrate properties that can cause to flush essential water-soluble minerals or vitamins out of the body.

Earl Grey Tea can also provide help indigestion or digestion-related issues. It is famous for relieving constipation, intestinal infections, and acid reflux to a higher level.

The presence of bergamot oil is very significant to destroy dangerous free radicals and boost immunity. It can bring down an unhealthy cholesterol level and regulate your heart functions.

2. Peppermint Tea- Good for Improving Focus

There are multiple advantages of peppermint tea, and some of them are somewhat surprising if you are looking for a natural or healthy way to enhance your concentration, calm and relax the mind or get relieve from intestinal issues.

Brew a cup of this tea for alertness, and it will also help you to stay relaxed or focused at work. The main point that you need to know that the ideal quality of this tea in boosting brain health; is not due to the caffeine proportion because naturally, it is caffeine-free.

Aside from enhancing your brain life, the peppermint also does some several outstanding functions like treats the stomach infection comprising indigestion or heartburn. It will help you in relieving headaches.

This unique tea will surprisingly heighten mental sharpness, strengthen memory, or give protection against Alzheimer’s dementia. Peppermint tea provides excellent assistance to calm the symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

All these potentially describe features truly help you why you need a perfectly hot cup of it to concentrate on your daily work profoundly. Like other beneficial morning teas, peppermint tea will gladly do this work for you.

3. Chai Tea- Kick off your day with Spices

Chai tea is the name enough for the tea-lovers to make their morning better. Regardless of the season, this fabulous tea is something very excellent to kick off your day. Indian chai tea is a robust blend of herbs, spices, and tea.

Chai tea is the perfect choice for getting your morning routine as it refreshes your mood to face the world. You can tackle the long day tough work with a cup of tea as you can get the stimulant effects without disturbing your body’s metabolism.

Black pepper in chai aids in digestion and works with the pancreas to release digestive enzymes, while ginger helps the body by improving blood circulation.

Chai tea is remarkable for its ability to reduce nausea, soothe the upset stomach.

It naturally builds a healthy immune system by drinking its few cups as it includes Cardamon has antioxidant or antimicrobial features that help to combat viral or fungal infections.

4. Ginger Tea- Great Choice to warm up your winter morning

Adrak ki chai or Ginger tea is a typical beverage in Asian countries, especially South Asian countries, and their winter preparation is incomplete with this specific drink as it warms up your winter morning. Having thermogenic property, the hot cup of this root vegetable is perfect for keeping the body warm during cold weather.

The immune-promoter advantage in ginger makes it one of the essential ingredients during winter times that provide many infections or health problems along with it.

Ginger comprises a phenolic anti-inflammatory compound called gingerol that helps in increasing blood flow and keep you warm.

Muscle pains usually become worse during the winter season, and ginger tea is delicious to cure this pain.

During winter, consumption of food is very high that may upset your stomach, but a cup of ginger tea is magical in improving digestion.

5. Yerba Mate Herbal Tea- Morning Energy Boost

Yerba mate herbal tea is a traditional drink made from the dried leaves of a South American native plant, Ilex Paraguariensis. Acup of Yerba mate herbal tea is famous for giving an outstanding energy boost that’s has been explained as clean, gentle, and calm.

As compared to other common stimulants in the world like coffee, cocoa, guarana, and kola nut, Yerba Mate herbal tea offers the most balanced energy boost as you peacefully start your morning with its special warm cup.

The consumers of this beneficial tea have a firm belief that you will feel a state of alert awareness like coffee but without its side effect.

The athlete utilizes it to promote physical performance, and it is constructive for people suffering from physical fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.


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