How to make coffee without filter – 3 great ways to save your day


how to make coffee without filter

On a snowy day, and you found out that you are out of coffee filter while you want to make a big mug of coffee to fuel you up for a long working day from home. Please do not freak out as I got you covered. In this post, I will show you how to make coffee without filter, especially in this kind of situation.

Making Turkish coffee

If you are not familiar with Turkish coffee, it is fine as I will guide you step by step throughout the process.

Turkish coffee kitTurkish coffee was first introduced in the Ottoman Empire in the late 15th century and getting popular since the late 17th century. The coffee is made by boiling ground coffee in a cezve or ibrik (Irish coffee pot). Sugar is usually added during the boiling process. However, you can request for no sugar.

 Although Turkish coffee is traditionally made with cezve or ibrik (Irish coffee pot), if you do not have it, then cooking pot or pan is also fine.

Here is the full direction on how to make it:

  •  Step 1: fill the cooking pot with water and start boiling it. The water amount should be in this ratio: 3oz water for each scoop of coffee ground. So if you are going to use two scoops of coffee ground, then add 6oz of waters for boiling.
  • Step 2: once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and add a coffee ground to the pot. Making a quick stir and cover the pot with the lip.
  • Step 3: let the coffee ground sit in the pot for 5 to 7 minutes with the lip on. The coffee ground gradually settles down to the bottom of the pot.
  • Step 4: Open the lip and use a ladle to scoop the coffee to your cup. Please do it slowly and do not go too deep to the bottom as you do not want to have coffee ground in your cup.

Using Disposable teabags

If unfiltered coffee is not what you want, then you can try this alternative, which is using disposable teabags as a coffee filter.

If a tea bag can help you make a great tea, then it can do the same to your coffee since it is made by using the same material.

You can just put the coffee ground into the teabag in the same way you do to tea. Then steep it in the boiling water for a few minutes, throw out the bag, and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

Although this method sounds very easy and convenient way to make coffee without filter, however, it also has some drawbacks

  • Not everyone has disposable teabags at home unless you are also a fan of loose tea.
  • Since the teabag is small, thus it can only contain a small amount of coffee ground. Therefore if you want strong coffee, you might need to use more than one bag.

Using a metal sieve

What happens if you do not have disposable teabags and you hate the idea of making Turkish coffee, then using metal sieve is your last bet.

This method works best with coarse ground coffee. Thus if your everyday coffee is made by using French Press or Percolator, then this method will be suitable for you.

It is very straightforward. Place the sieve on top of coffee mug or bowl, and then pour brewed coffee on it. The sieve will catch all the coffee ground and give you a clean cup of brewed coffee.

If you have more than one sieve, then you might try to use double sieves since it will help eliminate any fine ground get into your coffee.


Starting a day without coffee might be a nightmare. Thus, finding a way to make your coffee without a filter might be a bit challenging, but it is worthy.

Although the coffee might not taste as good as your usual coffee, I hope this little guide on how to make coffee without filter will help you save your day.

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