What are Kombucha Health Benefits and possible side effects?


kombucha health benefits

Is Kombucha good for you? Yes, it has a golden reputation in the beverage world. You can find it everywhere, from the office refrigerator to the supermarket shelves. Kombucha comprises magical formula of antioxidants and B vitamins, making it an excellent beverage for your overall health. However, the nutritional content depends upon its specific brand. In this article, we we walk you through all Kombucha health benefits as well as when is the best time to consume it.

What is Kombucha?

It is a sweet plus sour, fizzy beverage prepared with tea. Kombucha helps prevent various health issues like hair loss, certain cancers, and AIDS. The key ingredients in it are sugar, yeast, and black tea. The mix is left for a week or even more.

During this particular time, bacteria or acids produce in the drink and a small amount of alcohol. This process is called fermentation. Kombucha contains antioxidants, B vitamins, and even probiotics (the “friendly bacteria,” good for your body.

Best black tea for Kombucha

The oxidized tea leaves for a longer duration (longer than oolong tea or green tea), producing a strong flavor. General types of black tea that are perfect in Kombucha are English breakfast and Ceylon. Brewing kombucha needs real tea (Camellia Sinensis) for both nitrogen and minerals.

The type of tea utilized to brew Kombucha may influence the health of the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and the taste of your finished brew. For beginners, we suggest using organic tea to avoid chemical contaminants.

It is good to wait until you have a healthy SCOBY and have prepared at least three Kombucha batches before utilizing some other teas. Below are some best teas;

Kombucha health benefits

May Aid Boost Metabolism

Kombucha is not a magical weight-loss beverage. But due to the presence of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in the tea of specific kinds of Kombucha, it can also help to improve your metabolism.

May Help in Prevention of Certain Cancers

This beneficial drink may help to reduce the risk of certain cancers. It is because Kombucha has antioxidant properties that help rid your body of free radicals and other toxic substances. Those harmful substances boost the growth of cancerous cells.

May Decrease Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is included in almost every health condition, like heart disorder, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, and respiratory disorders. Kombucha comprises polyphenols that are antioxidants. They help to reduce inflammation in your body.

Mental health

There is a link between probiotics and depression, so drinking probiotic-rich Kombucha may maximize positive mental health.

May Improve Gut Health

The fermentation process of Kombucha is like a beverage that is high in probiotics. Probiotic bacteria are similar to healthful bacteria that are present in your gut.

There is a link between good bacteria in your digestive system and immune function. If the probiotics in Kombucha promote gut health, they may also improve your natural defense system.

Can you drink too much Kombucha?

Kombucha has been associated with plenty of potential health benefits, making some individuals over-consume this beverage. You know very well that excess of everything is terrible!

Drinking too much may cause excess sugar and calorie consumption and side effects such as digestive problems. It is also unpasteurized and comprises small amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

Kombucha side effects

Kombucha purchased from the store is typically considered safe, but it is still possible to have an unpleasant reaction to it. The common side effects are the upset or restless stomach, nausea, infections, and some allergic reactions. Severe reactions are uncommon but can happen. Other side effects include;

  • Cause excess calorie consumption
  • Lead to bloating and digestive issue
  • May comprise excess amounts of added sugar
  • May cause excess caffeine consumption

Can Kombucha go bad?

Remember that unrefrigerated Kombucha may never go bad; it will continue to ferment and become much more vinegary, acidic, and comprise more alcohol. So, it requires refrigeration at all times, even when you don’t open its bottle.

When is the best time to drink Kombucha?

Kombucha is high in probiotics and aids in balancing the bacteria in your belly or clean the liver. The perfect time to drink it is midday to aid with digestion and to boost your energy. The first thing in the morning may be harsh on your gut. But if you are used to drinking in the morning, it may also help to lose weight.

Drinking it with or after a meal may also help digestion. The carbonation of Kombucha can make you feel full that can be beneficial for your weight loss goal.

This beverage is usually made from black or green tea that may comprise of caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is good not to drink Kombucha in the hours before bed.



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