What is Peach Oolong Tea and How To Make It At Home?


peach oolong tea

As the summer months are approaching, we are looking for a refreshing drink with tasty flavor. One of our all-time favorite for the hot days would be peach oolong tea. A fruity tea with lovely fragrant and some smooth astringency – what is not to love? 

What is peach oolong tea?

Peach oolong tea is the combination of oolong tea leaves and natural dried peach fruit. You can find real dried peach chunks or bits in some brands of peach oolong tea. For others, they use only peach flavor.

The flavor of oolong tea goes well with the luscious taste and pleasant aroma of peach. Apart from the regular type, you can also find organic or white peach oolong tea in the market. Starbucks has a drink called Iced Shaken Peach Oolong Tea. 

Like other oolong tea, it is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Regular consumption can promote heart health, bone strength, and prevent several diseases (Healthline). For a healthy diet, oolong tea can help burn excess fat in the body. It keeps the starches from turning into fat by activating thermogenesis. Oolong tea is also good for our brain function. It contains theanine, an amino acid that plays a role in boost attention, improve cognition, and ease anxiety. 

With fruity flavor and great health properties, this tea is enjoyed and loved by many. It is excellent as a morning pick-me-up type of tea or a peachy cool summer drink. 

How is peach oolong tea made?

The process of making this tea differs from maker to maker. Some brand adds natural peach bits to oolong tea, some use peach flavor, extract or essence. 

You can also find chrysanthemum, orange flavor on the list of ingredients in a pack of peach oolong tea. Those ingredients mostly complement the taste of the tea or add in a layer of flavor. 

Once brewed, it has a golden color liquor with a bright, fruity flavor and floral aroma. This tea is perfect as a refreshing summer drink but can be enjoyed all year round. 

Is peach oolong tea caffeinated?

The answer is yes, peach oolong tea has caffeine, just like what you would expect from a cup of oolong tea. 

One cup of brewed oolong tea (8 fl. oz) contains 10 to 60 milligrams of caffeine. The amount of caffeine a cup of tea carry depending on the tea variety, the amount of tea used, and steeping methods. 

You can look for the exact caffeine content from the particular brand that you buy. It is different from brand to brand. 

How to make peach oolong tea at home?

Peach oolong tea is good hot or cold. So below, we have the steps on how to brew it with hot water and also on how to make a great iced version of this tea. 

Here is the brewing guide in detail:

  • Prepare a pot of water (8 fl. oz – 236 ml), bring to a boil
  • Pour the hot water into a teapot, and then empty the water out
  • Use one teaspoon (about 3 grams) of tea into the teapot
  • Pour boiling water onto the tea until the teapot is almost full
  • Then pour out the water, keeping the tea leaves in the pot
  • Pour hot water at 185°F – 85°C into the teapot, cover with a lid
  • Steep it for 4 to 5 minutes
  • Pour into a tea cup and enjoy

You can steep this tea for a few times. The water temperature and steeping times do not need to be exact. If you want to enjoy the tea cold, you can increase the amount of tea or reduce the water for a stronger brew. Steep it like usual, let it cool down a bit, add ice cubes and enjoy. 

 Peach oolong iced tea recipe


  • 4 tsp loose leaf oolong tea or 4 tea bags
  • 2 cup of water
  • 5 Tbsp honey
  • 4 cup frozen peach chunks
  • 1 cup peeled orange chunks (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • 1 fresh firm peach, sliced


  1. Boil the water in a large pot
  2. Turn off the heat, add loose leaf oolong tea to the pot
  3. Steep the tea for 8 minutes
  4. Once steeped, strain the tea into a pitcher, 
  5. Stir in the honey until fully dissolved. Set it aside to cool
  6. Using a blender, place the peaches and puree until smooth
  7. Strain the peach puree into the tea pitcher. Stir well
  8. Serve tea over ice in tall glasses
  9. Add in some fresh peach slices and enjoy  

You can add vanilla and puree peeled orange chunk to the mix. They add aroma and vibrant flavor to the drink. If you do not want to use honey, cane sugar is a good substitute for this recipe. Taste test and adjust the amount to your liking for a perfect cup of peach oolong iced tea. 

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