5 Best Chinese Green Tea Brands in 2021


Chinese green tea is famous worldwide for its unique and varying flavors. If you have decided to start drinking green tea but are unsure which brand you should choose, take a look at the list of the 5 best Chinese green tea brands provided below.

Benefits of drinking green tea

Nobody can deny the countless health benefits of green tea. Green tea is not only delicious, but making a habit of drinking it regularly can contribute to a healthy body for people of all ages.

Drinking green tea regularly can decrease the risks of several life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. It also helps you lose weight. The catechin available in green tea can prevent cell damage.

Drinking green tea with honey also helps to improve the brain function and bone health.

5 Best Chinese Green Tea Brands

Image Product Price
Uncle Lee’s Tea Organic Green Tea Check Price
Royal King Chinese Green Tea 100 Tea Bags Check Price
Cha Wu Longjing Green Tea 100g Check Price
BESTLEAFTEA -Spring Picked Organic Longjing Chinese Green Tea Check Price
Pantenger Dragon Well Green Tea Loose Leaf Check Price

1. Uncle Lee’s Tea Organic Green Tea    

Uncle Lee's Tea Organic Green Tea

Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea will deliver you a mild-flavored smooth cup of tea with its 100% tea leaves. The tea leaves are grown in China’s Fujian province using natural fertilizers, and the flavor has a marvelous and natural blend of Eastern and Western taste.

The tea color will be yellowish-green, and the taste will be soft and light as a gentle breeze with no bitterness whatsoever. It comes in a pack of 4 100-count boxes, and there is only 20-30 mg caffeine per cup. If you’re a beginner in green tea or simply like it mild, then you might want to check out this tea.

2. Royal King Green Tea 100 Tea Bags   

Royal King Green Tea 100 Tea Bags

The Royal King Green Tea will give you a delightful cup of light and smooth green tea. The tea leaves are grown in the undulating mountains under a temperate climate with an adequate rainfall amount. The product is a fresh set of beautiful green tea leaves.

The tea will be of dark color and not at all bitter. If you brewed properly, you wouldn’t have to add any sweeteners to it, but you can add honey or milk. It’s delicious and wonderful, and also comes at a very low price.

3. Cha Wu Longjing Green Tea 100g       

Cha Wu Longjing Green Tea 100g

This spring tea is made of the freshest and highest quality of leaves. One sip, and you will get a distinctly sweet taste in your tongue, with a slight bitterness that adds to the unique flavors. It is yellowish-green in color, and the liquid will be smooth and thick if brewed the right way.

The tea leaves are preserved professionally in cold storage to ensure freshness. It has a strong aroma closely resembling that of fresh fire bean incense. If you’re feeling tired and exhausted, one cup of Longjing Green Tea might give you a full-on refreshment.

If you want to have green tea with a strong aroma and a mildly bittersweet flavor, check out the right brewing process.

4. BESTLEAFTEA -Spring Picked Organic Longjing 100g Chinese Green Tea

BESTLEAFTEA -Spring Picked Organic Longjing

This high-quality silver needle tea is very popular among green tea lovers for its authentic Chinese tea flavors, long-lasting and pleasant aroma, as well as a unique taste. Handpicked from the mountains of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, the leaves are a beautiful shade of jade green.

The tea has a natural flavor that can be described as gentle, orchid, and sweet, while the floral scent will give you peace of mind. It also has a very low amount of caffeine. The taste remains in your tongue long after you’ve finished the cup. You can adjust the strength of the flavor, but it is usually very light.

5. Pantenger Dragon Well Green Tea

This green tea delivers a sweet aroma of delicious chestnuts, as well as an aftertaste of sweet vegetables and apricots. It also gives a cooling effect to your mouth after you drink it.

Grown in the high-altitude mountains in an unpolluted area and harvested by early spring, Pantenter Dragon Well green tea has three times more polyphenols and amino acids, and the pleasant aroma will leave you mesmerized. It is also gluten-free.

The tea comes with good packaging, being kept in airtight tins to prevent oxygen and moisture from ruining the leaves. The leaves are also high quality.

Now it’s time for you to choose! Remember that it’s good to drink green tea three-five times a day or less.

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