Top 5 Best Colombian Coffee Brands in 2021


With nearly half a million families engaged in coffee cultivation for over 200 years, Colombia is known as one of the world’s top most coffee producers and exporters for good reasons. In this article, we will review the top 5 best Colombian Coffee brands which are loves by millions people worldwide.

What is special about Colombian Coffee?

Colombia is famous in producing many high quality types of coffee beans , especially Arabica coffee. Its coffee is loved by the whole world not only because of the mild and sweet aroma that will bless your nose but also because of the rich, unparalleled flavors that will fill your taste buds with bursts of delight on every sip. 

Colombia owns just the right geographical characteristics for coffee cultivation. The volcanic soil in frostless regions where there is at least 80 inches of rain every year, with altitudes of 1200-1800 meters, is the most ideal for cultivating coffee, and Colombia has all of that. Hence, every year they can produce a huge amount of coffee and export to all over the world.

5 Best Colombian Coffee Brands

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Don Pablo Colombian Supremo Check Price
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71A4Ajl5B7L._SL1500_ Laughing Man Columbia Huila Check Price
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1. Don Pablo Colombian Supremo

Don Pablo Coffee

Don Pablo Coffee brand started its journey with a love story and is now acclaimed as a world-class coffee brand for its high-quality specialty grade coffee and careful roasting method.

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo coffee is a whole bean coffee of medium-dark roast with low acidity. Made with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring the finest quality, this brand of coffee will deliver you a cup of mild, sweet, rich, and delicious coffee.

This aromatic coffee has a hint of toastiness that comes from the mild caramelization of the natural sugars and manages to retain the original flavors of Arabica beans despite citrus notes and a chocolate-walnut finish.

If you prefer sweet and smoothly flavored coffee, this coffee must be in your must-try list.

2. Volcanica Colombian Peaberry Coffee

The Colombian Peaberry Coffee, produced by the Volcanica Coffee Company, is a medium-roasted coffee with an intense flavor. The highest quality coffee beans from the crop are used to make this coffee.

A cup of Colombian Peaberry Coffee will give you a strong aroma and an exotic taste. Bright, floral notes have been added, and you will get a fruity flavor in your tongue as well as a hint of cocoa and cinnamon. There is a perfect balance of medium-sweet acidity, while the smooth and remarkable flavors will leave you fully satisfied after finishing the cup.

If you like deep and strong flavors, this might be the perfect coffee for you.

3. Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC, – Colombian Supremo Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, founded in 2009, is committed to delivering the freshest coffee beans roasted by using a fully eco-friendly roasting technology as well as an exceptional cup of coffee.

The Fresh Roasted Colombian Supremo Coffee is a whole bean, medium-roasted coffee with a full-bodied, bold flavor. The beans are finely roasted to offer a smooth and delicious experience for every coffee-freak.

You will find a balanced mix of honey and cherry flavor in the coffee, along with a bright finish that proves the consistency and exceptionality of Colombian Supremo when it comes to the origin, quality as well as flavors. 

This particular cup of coffee is USDA Organic & Fair Trade certified. It is very environment-friendly too! The roasting is done with minimum carbon emissions.

4. Laughing Man Colombia Huila

Famous actor Hugh Jackman met a coffee farmer named Dukale in Ethiopia and founded the Laughing Man coffee brand in 2011 to improve the lifestyle conditions of coffee farming communities around the world.

Laughing Man Colombia Huila is a dark-roasted ground coffee with a mild and rich taste. It will bless your tongue with an intensely deep and smoky flavor, and you will feel the pleasant sweetness of black cherries mixed in it. The coffee also has a dark chocolate finish, which gives the flavor an uncommon depth and complexity.

5. Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Colombian Huila

Koffee Kult company positions itself as a premium coffee producer. To do that, the company sources its beans from the best growers from more than 50 countries worldwide.

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Colombian Huila is good medium roast coffee with an alluring aroma and mild flavor. The coffee has a balanced level of acidity. You can taste a smooth flavor note of cinnamon with a long, bright finish.


Colombia is a country that produces some of the highest quality Arabica beans with rich and unique flavors. Whichever fits your taste the best is indeed the best choice for you. So, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee!

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