Does Tea Expire? Is It Safe to Drink Expired Tea?



Tea, like lots of other drinks, typically has in its best quality before the date and not an expiration date or utilize by date. Expired tea is not right in taste. After some time, it is due to the fact that it loses its taste and aroma or may go entirely stale.

Here we will discuss in detail whether you can use expired tea or not!

Does tea expire?

Whether you buy loose leaf tea or tea bags, the packaging is perfect before date. This date generally highlights how long the tea will continue its excellent flavor. Once the best before date has ended, the tea is still safe to drink, but you may observe the taste may not be as good as it was, compared to when it was first bought.

It is primarily due to the natural oils and flavors in the tea will evaporate with time. Usually, it is perfect for storing tea in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight exposure, in a cool, dry location.

You can store tea leaves in the freezer as it can extend its freshness for a more extended period. If you are not going to drink tea that has passed its expiry date, you don’t need to discard it immediately.

The tea leaves can be utilized to absorb odors in storage areas, or even included to a bin in your garden to use as fertilizer. This would be an ideal technique to be kind to the environment and decrease waste.

Do tea bags go bad?

The simple answer is yes, and tea bags can go wrong. They can be used for one to two years past their expiration date offered they were stored adequately. As they age, tea bags may dry out and lose taste. Unless exposed to bugs, sunlight, or moisture, they do not go bad very soon. It would be best to store tea bags in a sealed container in a cool, dark area.

So, if your tea bags get wet, moist, or remain in the sun, it’s a great possibility that they have lost their flavors. Therefore, if you have some old tea bags that have been around for four years, then purchase new ones, look for the following:

· Smell the tea bags

· Visible mold or mildew

· Look for evidence of bugs (movement or holes in the tea bags)

How long does loose leaf tea last?

White Tea

White tea has a longer storage time as compared to other tea leaves. When adequately stored, the shelf life of packaged tea is typically two years.

Green Tea

For green tea, the shelf life is generally eighteen months because it is unfermented. After this, its taste starts to fade. However, if you keep it away from light, heat, air, moisture, and odor, it may last up to two years.

Oolong Tea

This tea is semi-fermented, and the shelf life of oolong tea is also approximately two years. But, for loose leaf Oolong tea, the expiry time is shorter. Additionally, the shelf life of Oolong relies on the degree of fermentation and storage techniques. This expired tea taste is terrible, and you will not like it.

Black Tea

Black tea has a more extraordinary shelf life compared to green tea because it is fully fermented. It may remain fresh for over 16 months if stored in bulk, while its tea bags don’t stale up to 20 months. Aluminum foil bags of tea can be stored for about two years.

How long does brewed tea last?

Brewed tea will last two to four days in the fridge. While at room temperature, it is only suitable for 8 hours.

Ensure to keep the brewed tea in an airtight container. You cannot just put plastic wrap over a container. An airtight container will also keep taste without exposing the tea to other smelly foods in your fridge like onions.

How long does iced tea last?

Iced tea provides you a diversity of health benefits so that you have to make fair usage. There is a different maximum time for storing tea as it depends on your storage condition. If you store the iced tea in the room’s temperature, it is different from keeping it in the fridge.

Therefore, many individuals prefer putting the tea in the fridge to have iced tea. Keeping this point in mind, you can store the iced tea for approximately five days as it lasts 4-5 days.

Can you drink expired tea?

You can drink the expired tea, but its taste will not be the same as before its expiry date. Teabags will be sufficient for at least a couple of months in the kitchen, but they are still safe to drink even long after that. They may change color, odor, or flavor.

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