List of 5 Most Popular Coffee Documentaries for Coffee Lovers


Coffee Documentaries

The coffee documentary is an incredibly significant way to learn more about the remarkable world of coffee. Even if you are not a die heart fan of coffee like me, but you will surely enjoy all the coffee documentaries. From barista competitions to fair trade coffee, there is a vast world of documentaries that reminds us about the importance of coffee. Here is a selection of my favorites that can all be streamed right now on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and any other online site you want to go for its documentary!

1. A Film About Coffee (2014)


A Film About Coffee (2014) is about the long process of coffee making. The movie begins from the farmer picking cherries to the coffee shops in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Portland, among other big cities.

The explanation of what coffee goes through is an excellent experienced. It is significant for the coffee drinkers to have an idea about coffee history. The movie also highlights the plight of the farmer and a coffee lover; it’s also a mind-blowing experience.

The most exciting thing about this film is the quality of the motion picture throughout the movie. The geographical captures of Africa (Rwanda) are just breathtaking. The collage images expressing the process of brewing coffee are also remarkable. After watching one time, you cannot enough of it and you want each it again and again!

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2. Paris Coffee Project (2017)


It is a fantastic coffee documentary that you must watch in your free time! This documentary series about the rebel baristas who are disturbing the world’s most celebrated cafe culture. For the better part of decades, Paris dislikes the specialty coffee boom that swept the globe.

Then a passionate band of coffee rebels is opening coffee shops. Each of them is determined to bring unique coffee and a fresh vibe to the world’s most celebrated café culture. Paris is a city known for its wine, food, beauty, and style. But the coffee in Paris is a fabulous concept.

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3. Barista (2015)


Barista is also an exciting movie for coffee lovers. It follows five baristas as they prepare for the annual National Barista Championship. It is quite a funny, soft and well-produced film. It provides you a fantastic view of the world of barista competitions.

I love preparing and drinking this beverage, but the time and effort these baristas put towards their craft leave me dumb folded. Pulling the best shot and putting on the incredible performance becomes an obsession for each of them.

This film offers an excellent view of a niche area of coffee culture. It does a fantastic job of getting you to root for the lovable baristas. The experience of watching this movie was something I can explain in words. I recommend you should go for it and find it yourself!

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4. The Coffee Man (2016)


The Coffee Man was one of the most popular coffee documentaries of this time! This documentary follows Sasa from Ethiopia. It is the birthplace of coffee to Seattle, Washington (USA), the specialty coffee movement. And don’t forget it also the host of the World Barista Championship.

Starting from war-torn Yugoslavia to his adopted home in Australia, it is Sasa’s unbelievable journey to the 2015 World Barista Championships. His passion and hard work carry him through as do his loved ones, his colleagues, coffee growers, and roasters and the vendors who go with him on this memorable journey.

It is a personal, inspirational, and observational documentary that will surprise you and wishing you to experience this in your life.

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5. Caffè Sospeso (2017): Coffee for All


Caffè Sospeso is a documentary about an adventurous journey from Naples to Buenos Aires to New York. It expresses the cultural tradition included in having coffee in a variety of places around the world.

After WWII time, Napoli was very poor. The city had hugely gone through because of German occupation and Allied bombing. Poverty was an additional rife. Those who could afford a coffee paid for two but consumed only one, leaving one cup available to someone who wants it.

Depend on the barista’s judgment, this coffee would then be given to an individual that needed. So, drinking coffee has become a social event. It is a tasty beverage that brings people together. The suspended coffee tradition had no longer existed, but now, a group of cafés in Naples is beginning it again. This exciting documentary explains such tradition and also other unusual, quirky, coffee-related old stories.

Drinking a hot cup of coffee while watching such a historic coffee-based entirely on past events makes me feel a new person. You may also feel the same if you get a chance to watch this documentary!

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5 / 5. 1