Ultimate Guide to Premium Tienchi Flower Tea


tienchi flower tea

Among many flower and herbal teas, Tienchi flower tea stands out with its distinctive look and flavor profile. This herbal tea is so unique and works wonder for our health. So today, let’s find out more about what Tienchi flower tea is, the health benefits that it offers and how to brew this particular tea. 

What is Tienchi Flower tea?

Tienchi flower tea is a herbal tea that grows in the southwestern part of China. It is a unique type of pseudo ginseng flowers, cultivate in Yunnan and Guang Xi province. Tienchi flowers grow once every three years, making it even more precious. 

After harvest, Tienchi flowers are sun-dried. Tea merchants pack them up tightly to ensure keeping the fragrance and active ingredients of the flowers. It is also essential to avoid moisture, which can easily cause mold.

In China, Tienchi flower tea is a beloved drink during the scorching hot summer months. It is not only refreshing to drink the tea but also for its ability to maintain fluid levels in the body. 

It holds many similarities in terms of taste and health properties with ginseng. Apart from available in dried flower tea form, you can also find products like Tienchi flower extract or Tienchi health supplement in the market. 

It is simple to brew it with some hot water. You can have a pleasant and healthy drink within minutes. Scroll down to read the details steps of how to brew Tienchi flower tea. 

How Is Tienchi Flower Tea look like?

tienchi flower tea health benefit

Tienchi flower tea looks like small greenish buds, resemblance tiny dried broccoli flowers. This distinctive look results from the flower petals extraction. The tea has a subtle aroma with pleasant vegetal flavor.

You can taste some sweetness with a hint of bitterness from it. There is also a cool sensation aftertaste that lingers for a while. Some say that it tastes similar to American ginseng.

Health benefits 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tienchi flower tea has great health properties. It functions similarly to ginseng to promote good health and prevent illnesses. It helps people with sleeping issues, migraine, and reduce dizziness. Regular consumption will help in supporting skin health, liver health, and the nervous system. 

It is excellent in cleaning the body of toxins. It is useful in maintaining the body’s fluid levels. The tea can also help in the cases of skin eruptions and mouth blisters. It helps reduce inflammation and sore throat. 

Drink a cup of Tienchi flower tea regularly can boost your energy level, oxygen level, and endurance. Polysaccharides found in Tienchi are rich in oxygen. It is a crucial component in the final step of cellular energy creation. When the level of oxygen increase in our cells, the energy level also increases. 

This herbal tea enhances blood circulation in delivering oxygen-rich blood to cells. It is like a liquid energizer to our bloodstream, making it flow and function efficiently. It also shows effects in lower blood pressure and prevents blood clots. 

Even though Tienchi flower tea is relatively safe to consume, it does have some side effects. People who experience cold symptoms and women with menorrhagia – abnormally heavy periods should avoid drinking this tea. Its cooling action and menstrual flow stimulation can cause harm in those particular cases. 

If you have low blood pressure or some underlying health conditions, you should consult with a doctor before trying it. The health properties that it holds may not be suitable for your specific condition. 

Where to buy Tienchi flower tea and its price?

Tienchi flower tea is quite rare to find. You can try your luck at specialty tea shops or Asian stores that sell herbal tea and health supplements. A small number of online tea vendors do have it. 

Due to its rarity, the price is high. It is among some of the most expensive tea in the market. Bird Pick Tea & Herb sells 4 oz. (1/4 lb) bag of premium Tienchi flower tea for $61. 

You should not mistake it with Tienchi flower extract or essence. The Tienchi flower essence tea bags are much cheaper as it contains only a small amount of Tienchi flower with a lot of cane sugar. 

Brewing guide

You can steep or brew Tienchi flower tea using a teapot or tea mug. Use about one teaspoon (3 grams) for every 250ml of water.

You can follow the steps below to brew it:

  • Prepare a pot or kettle of boiling water
  • Rinse the teapot and teacups with hot water 
  • Put 2 to 3 grams of tea on the rinsed teapot 
  • Pour in hot water at 90°c to 95°c (194°F to 203°F) to the teapot until almost full, close with a lid
  • Steep the tea for 4 – 5 minutes for the first and second brewing
  • Pour the tea to individual cup and enjoy

Similar to Ginseng Oolong Tea, Tienchi flower tea can be steeped 2 to 3 times. You can gradually increase the times with each additional infusion. Try to steep the tea with different temperatures to find the most fitting way for you. 


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