Coffee Fruit Extract – A Magical Supplement


coffee fruit extract

In the world of coffee, there’s always something new, surprising, and stupendous. And when we delve deeper into the world of coffee fruit extract, the world of coffee gets even more spectacular. It may come as a bit of a surprise, especially for folks who mainly enjoy pre-ground or instant coffee, that coffee comes from the seeds of a fruit. And from the seeds to the fruit to the leaves of the plant, the whole thing is alive with caffeine and other health-promoting powers. Let’s find out more, shall we?

What is coffee fruit extract?

Coffee fruit extract is made by taking the red coffee cherries and soaking them for a long time. These cherries are said to be quite tasty in their own right and can even be brewed into a tea. But to make coffee cherry extract, the coffee cherry is reduced into a syrup by being soaked in water or other natural and safe chemicals. The result? A concentrated flavor profile that maintains a lot of the health-enhancing goodies the original fruit provides us with.

Is there caffeine in coffee fruit extract?

As it so happens, the coffee beans are not the only caffeinated part of the coffee plant. The leaves and the charming red coffee cherry also have caffeine in them, and in high portions too. But does coffee fruit extract have caffeine? Yes, but not as much as coffee beans! A single gram serving contains about 4 milligrams of caffeine versus the 100 to 150 milligrams of caffeine found in a standard cup of coffee. Its caffeine content also doesn’t lead to the jitters, anxiety, and eventual caffeine crash that coffee beans do. So it is ideal for those with a sensitivity to caffeine or who wish to limit their caffeine consumption.

Is coffee fruit extract good for you?

Just like coffee beans, it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Of course, many of the health benefits of coffee beans are also shared by coffee fruit extract.

  • Nootropic

Coffee fruit extract has been found to be a nootropic, meaning it can help your brain form new neuron connections and protects it from aging. it can assist in faster learning, helps to improve memory, slows down aging in the brain, and some studies have found it can even improve our moods!

  • Stress-busting

It also provides us with the antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps protect our brains from anxiety and stress.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Coffee fruit extract is a great source of anti-inflammatories. This helps keep our bodies healthy and in tip-top condition.

  • Antioxidants

Not just anti-inflammatories but also antioxidants, too! It provides us with lots of antioxidants that keep our bodies safe from oxidative stress and help slow down signs of aging in our bodies.

  • Immune system

Some studies conducted on mice have shown that coffee fruit extract may have the potential to boost our immune systems! This doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories it possesses, and with these great naturally occurring effects in tandem, we can recover from injuries, cuts, scrapes, and some minor ailments a little faster, too.

  • Potential cancer-fighting properties

Some research has shown that coffee fruit extract has some positive signs of possibly suppressing the growth and the spread of certain types of cancer cells in mice. Though these are just some studies on mice, there may potentially be some positives for humans too.

  • Lower blood pressure

Based on the research of Applied BioClinical Inc, coffee fruit extract may help lower blood pressure. It contains chlorogenic acid, which is a compound that can potentially help to lower blood pressure and boost overall heart health.

Coffee fruit extract vs coffee

But now for the real moment of truth! when it comes to coffee fruit extract and coffee, which is the better choice? Coffee beans contain more caffeine. But this may not be a positive for those who are sensitive to caffeine or who would like to caffeinate without the jitters and crash coffee can lead us to.

Coffee fruit extract may also contain more antioxidants than standard coffee. This is because some of the beneficial amino acids in the coffee beans get burned away when they are roasted.

And lastly, coffee fruit extract is more versatile than coffee. Coffee can certainly be prepared and used in a whole ton of different ways, many beyond count and measure, but coffee fruit extract can be added as a supplement to anything from solid foods to other beverages and drinks. This lets it be used in a wider range than coffee beans can.

Final Thought

Few other supplements match the versatility and health-enhancing prowess of coffee fruit extract. Offering a more mild but no less enjoyable caffeine lift compared to standard coffee with tons of antioxidants and brain-boosting naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, coffee fruit extract is the way to go. Why not add some of this magical fruit extract to your next beverage today?

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